Major, ongoing projects involving open source software

Project Progress Activity mode (http://bayleshanks/pamv1)Major collaborators Tech used Description
Phd thesis 75%active chuck Octave, Python, Perl, sh, data mining data mining
autoc.m1.0.1 released, publishedmaintanence mode for ying's experiments Octave, signal processing analyze electroneurogram traces of coupled oscillators
TagHoga lot of planning done, 80% to alpha coma ruadhan o'flanagan Python, Pylons, Google App Engine "coming soon"
Iterated Givinga lot of planning done, 0% to alpha coma no one yet Python, Pylons, Google App Engine see website
Amendable Codea lot of planning done, 0% to alpha coma no one yet Python?, Pylons?, Google App Engine, facebook?governance framework. patches itself according to community votes.
WikiGateway0.001981 released, publishedcoma no one yet Python, Perl, Atom, XML-RPC, WebDav?library which allows you to act as a client to a wiki website, executing operations like getPage, putPage, and getRecentChanges. It can be used from the command line, from Perl or Python, as an Atom web service, or as a WikiXmlRpc? server
Easylatexworking and being improved; i use it frequently sporadic no one yet Perl, LaTeX?A LaTeX? extension with easier, more efficient notation

Major, past projects involving open source software

Project Progress Activity mode (http://bayleshanks/pamv1)Major collaborators Tech used Description
Parliament0.0.1 released, publishedcoma Dana Dahlstrom Python Python module to handle bookkeeping of parliamentary procedure, given a precise specification of the rules
Parliamentary procedure helper0.1.2 released, publishedcoma dana dahlstrom Python, PythonCard?Python GUI app to help meeting participants keep track of parliamentary procedure, esp. Robert's Rules (uses Parliament module)
Voice Keyboard0.1.2 released coma no one CMU Sphinx, Python, Perl, C, sh Speech recognition/dictation. Aims to be a total substitute for a keyboard
Viper remapdone coma none yet Elisp, Emacs Key remapping for Viper mode in Emacs

Minor projects involving open source software

Project Progress Activity mode (http://bayleshanks/pamv1)Major collaborators Tech used Description
boost_graph: Boost::Graph in PythonAlmost working, but blocked by a bug in Boost::Graph dead no one C++, Boost::Graph, Python, Pyste wrap the C++ Boost Graph library in Python, providing graph algorithms like Breadth First Search, DFS, Shortest Path, Topological sort
IM ---> emailworking (last I checked)dead no one Perl A plugin for Gaim which diverts incoming IMs to email when you're away
Volt.pmworking (last I checked)dead no one Perl Perl library for the analysis of voltage trace data
Text Viewer Midletworking dead no one Java, Java MIDP viewer for text files on mobile devices such as cell phones
Knave Arthur's SwordVersion 1.1 released dead no one yet Android, mobile phone accelerometer An imaginary sword extends from the front of your phone. Your phones track where the swords would be and emit a "clink" sound when the swords hit. Kinda lame, but afaik the first augmented reality mobile phone game ever to do collision detection on a virtual object that you "hold".
nidaqmxbase-soapworking (last I checked)dead no one Octave C-interface, gSOAP, NIDAQmx Octave wrapper for the National Instruments' NIDAQmx interface. It uses SOAP RPC, so you can issue commands over the network from a different computer from the one actually connected to the N.I. DAQ
e-rigmostly working (last I checked)dead no one Octave scripts to run semi-automated calcium imaging experiments on an electrophysiology rig. Actually, I spent quite a bit of time on this and nidaqmxbase-soap combined, but i'm listing them as minor because nothing ever came of it.
Zooomr export from digikamdone, patch applied (integrated into kipiplugins)C++(looks like i forgot to follow up after submitting the patch, though --- but they applied it anyway, thanks guys)

Unreleased or closed source software projects

Project Progress Activity mode (http://bayleshanks/pamv1)Major collaborators Tech used Description
Neural network connectivity explorer working dead chuck Python, GraphViz?analyzed network connectivity w/ spectral graph partitioning and applied it to detect functional subcomponents in the lobster stomatogastric ganglion
AL neural network simulation analyzer working dead Maxim Bazhenov Perl, MATLAB statistical techniques for analyzing experiments and for detecting transient synchrony in the insect olfactory system
NEURON parameter fitter working dead Henry Abarbanel NEURON, Perl semi-automated software to fit parameters in conductance-based models from electrophysiological data
Burt's diagnosis project working ??burt, cindy, adil, soren Java, Bayes nets Bayesian networks for fault diagnosis in mechanical systems. I extended the system to work with probability intervals rather than precisely specified point probabilities
lagramge project working dead pat langley Lagramge Lagramge is an equation discovery system (machine learning of diff eqs from data; the diff eqs can be constrained by a CFG). I extended it to more robustly fit the parameters of large equation models (although this project was so long ago that I don't remember it too well anymore).