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not an intellectual history

seeds of ideas

progress linear progress nonlinear progress creativity and shaping morpheus evolution growth (somewhat vs) (also nature) limits of see limits of formalization see multiculturalism entropy increases

consciousness see meaning see loops see perspective psych drugs 60s

meaning see limits of formalization see mind see perspective see deception i expect we'll see more of this see consciousness

perspective relativity subjectivity postmodernism multiculturalism many-worlds interpretation (from dimensions) quantum physics modal logic higher dimensions parallel universes in scifi virtual worlds simulation

  dualism -> hegelian syth -> many -> .. (my level theory)
  see also self-reference
  exponential fragmentation of academic disciplines and schools

distrust of institutions 60s of individual motivations rational self-interest freud's subconscious memes reputation deception 1984 subliminal messaging conspiracy theories i expect we'll see more of this b/c these have not been adequately formalized or publically systematically catalogued yet intelligence agencies propaganda scientific funding of science: kuhnian paradigm shifts of philosophy: epistemoligy, ontology

discontinuity chaotic dynamical systems positive feedback loops discrete vs continuous chain reactions (does this belong in another category, perhaps 'dynamics'?

influence vs power manufactured consent virtual worlds the matrix, the movie

mass mass production marxism mass marketing advertising asimov's psychohistory globalism localism (hegelian synthesis of interdependence vs autonomy) preservation of local languages offline wikis mass war broadcasting

homomorphism marxist class conflict

loops, feedback, self-reference, recursion (cycles) cybernetics godel godel, escher, bach growth (as a positive feedback loop) see also perspective

(formalization) limits of (also, limits of truth) godel p vs np heisenberg principal postmodernism ontology epistemology quantum nondeterminism meaning translations between languages -> presevations of local languages

oscillation light sound wave particle duality we dont even need an ether philosophies of vibration surfing (fourier) wavelets impedence linear systems and signals underdamping

limits of time relativity causality vs linear time quantum entanglement noncomputational models of physics/mind i expect we'll see more of this in the future, but not in the way we think e.g. not scifi-style time travel (not exactly) psychedelic drugs neuroscience experiments scifi time travel (cycles)

dynamical systems linear systems and signals chaos

uncertainty probability finance epistemology known unknowns vs unknown unknowns heisenberg principal

network internet postmodernism classes of networks tree, dag, cyclic scaling small world social networks online offline (concepts such as old boys club) networking (as a business activity) nonlinear memes (also thought, evolution) rhyzome (topology)? growth finance

simulation (used to be vs reality, but now syth with reality) link to deception catcher in the rye cooption of youthful rebellion by mass advertising / be different like everybody else divorce, cheating steganography (plays) the matrix, the movie conspiracy theories clones in scifi CGI in movies

quantum entanglement vs local realism/bell's inequalities noncomputational models of physics/mind see also time i feel like i'm forgetting some quantum stuff here

collaboration wiki jazz anti-war ecology open movement communes postmodernism (communication) deception editing, photoshopping conspiracy theories transmission e.g. radio cryptography internet growth multiculturalism society of mind hypothesis, scifi group minds, scifi telepathy free love electronic and computer protocols and standards finance 60s



automation (from systemization, formalization) computers robots asimov cybernetics singularity formalization of thought (cog sci (note: studies), ai) / mind as computer washing machines, dish-washing machines

(autonomy) virtual worlds automation free love personal improvement/self-help

(mind) (vs body, soul) psychedelic drugs (i think we'll see this come back again in the next few decades) virtual worlds singularity formalization of thought (cog sci (note: studies), ai) (telepathy) (psychic phenomena) note: the last page may not have been written here, as there is more of an absence of evidence than an evidence of absence, e.g. because serious study of this fell into disrepute long ago, there have not been many studies of it that hold up to modern scientific standards (mental illness)

incentives, mechanism design, structural theories of institutions game theory management political science evolution still playing out in e.g. neuroscience theory

entrepreneurealism, design thinking autonomy + collaboration change the world via growth personal improvement/self-help

basis, span (linear algeba)

ontology see also kant see limits of formalization

epistemology see also kant see limits of formalization

(justice) marxism anti-racism anti-colonialism anti-war

older ideas

truth and discovery science, proof, match justice marxism self soul thought rationality proof

autonomy and freedom interdependence economics

 entrepreneurealism, design thinking
 systemization, formalization proof pattern denotation vs connotation


analysis (breaking into parts) dimensions basis, span (linear algeba) archetypes characteristic functions


power influence

analogy homomorphism not exhaustive of analogy

classification in math: algebras, topologies, etc in biology library science

automation automated thought classification


mind rationality epistemology ontology causality as a kantian category criticism editing

language universal characteristic

inverse group theory




multiplicity dimensions


time time travel