Here are some books that I recommend.


Top fiction recommendations


childhood's end

asimov, the currents of space

asimov, the caves of steel

asimov, the naked sun

asimov, the robots of dawn

orson scott card, ender's game

perelandra, by CS Lewis, but only chapters 3 and 4, and also this excerpt from near the end:

" And while (the man named Ransom) thought of this he became gradually aware that there was something odd about the flowers at two places in his immediate neighbourhood. Next, he perceived that the oddity was an oddity in the light; thirdly, that it was in the air as well as on the ground. Then, as the blood pricked his veins and a familiar, yet strange, sense of diminished being possessed him, he knew that he was in the presence of two eldila. ... "Let us prepare our shapes. We are hard for them to see while we remain in ourselves."

"It is very well said," answered Malacandra. "But in what form shall we show ourselves to do them honour?"

"Let us appear to the small one here," said the other. "For he is a man and can tell us what is pleasing to their senses."

"I can see--I can see something even now," said Ransom.

"Would you have the King strain his eyes to see those who come to do him honour?" said the archon of Perelandra. "But look on this and tell us how it deals with you."

The very faint light--the almost imperceptible alteration in the visual field--which betokens an eldil vanished suddenly. The rosy peaks and the calm pool vanished also. A tornado of sheer monstrosities seemed to be pouring over Ransom. Darting pillars filled with eyes, lightning pulsations of flame, talons and beaks and billowy masses of what suggested snow, volleyed through cubes and heptagons into an infinite black void. "Stop it . . . stop it," he yelled, and the scene cleared. He gazed round blinking on the field of lilies, and presently gave the eldila to understand that this kind of appearance was not suited to human sensations. "Look then on this," said the voices again. And he looked with some reluctance, and far off between the peaks on the other side of the little valley there came rolling wheels. There was nothing but that--concentric wheels moving with a rather sickening slowness one inside the other. There was nothing terrible about them if you could get used to their appalling size, but there was also nothing significant. He bade them to try yet a third time. And suddenly two human figures stood before him on the opposite side of the lake. "

The Dark Tower, by CS Lewis (warning: unfinished masterpiece!)

short story: The Last Question by Asimov

short story: Profession by Asimov


short story: The Death of Richard Dawkins by Steve Yegge

short story (not the greatest, but amusing, especially the beginning thru parts 4 or 5):

short story: And Then There Were (N-One) by Sarah Pinsker

short story:

Cyberpunk sci-fi

Mad science sci-fi


Older children's fantasy

seasons dragonlance trilogy twins trilogy


Other "weird" or "philosophical" fiction

Misc. fictions