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Great children's books that i had when i was a little kid.


lloyd alexander's Taran series

ramona series

boxcar children

Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men series (there's little ones, and big ones, too, esp. Mr Tickle in the PARK

Adventures in the solar system; Planetron and me by Geoffrey T. Williams and Dennis F. Regan, Ill. Borje Svensson

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

The Planet of Lost Things by Mark Strand, Ill. William Pene Du Bois

On Beyond Zebra! by Dr. Seuss

Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg

Danger Mouse, Adapted by Susannah Bradley and Greg Steddy from the original TV scripts by Brian Trueman, Ill. by Michael Wells Studio

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs by Judi Barrett, Ill. Ron Barrett

Michey Mouse and the Marvelous Smell Machine (Walt Disney Productions) (Golden Press, NY, Western Publishing Company, Inc., Racine, Wisconsin)

Ant and Bee and the ABC by Angela Banner, Ill. Bryan Ward

Ant and Bee go Shopping by Angela Banner

Universe by Heather Couper and David Pelham

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, Ill. Clement Hurd

Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown, Ill. Clement Hurd

High Diddle Diddle, designed and Ill. by Robert A. Propper

Mr. Cuckoo's Clock Shop, by Arnold Shapiro, Designed and Ill. by Linda Griffith

todo: what's that book with the old man and the winds and the bad wind put everyone to sleep? todo: http://www.oldchildrensbooks.com/looking-for-a-book?page=1

todo: what's the book where they go thru the roots of the tree? was it "magic in the park"? http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/302725-children-s-book-involving-an-old-tree

mike mulligan and his steam shovel

great PSS Learn About Books (with Chuckles and Ricky) (they're all great!)

Pop-up opposites by Larry Shapiro, Designed and Ill. by Chuck Murphy, Paper Engineering by Tor Lokvig Learn about farms (I don't remember this one), Written by Peter Seymour, other credits equal pop-up shapes by Larry Shapiro, Designed and Ill. by Chuck Murphy, Paper Engineering by Tor Lokvig pop-up days by Larry Shapiro and Chuck Murphy, Designed and Ill. by Chuck Murphy, Paper Engineering by Tor Lokvig pop-up sizes Written by Peter Seymour, other credits equal

great little golden books

The Rabbit's Adventure by Betty Ren Wright, Ill. Maggie Swanson Tawny Scrawny Lion by Kathryn Jackson, Ill. Gustaf Tenggren The Poky Little Puppy by Janette sebring Lowrey, Ill. Gustaf Tenggren Mickey Mouse and the Missing Mouseketeers, "told by Annie north bedford, pictures by the walt disney studio, adapted by julius svendsen and bob totten" Cars by Bob Ottum, ill. by William Dungan The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown, Ill. alice and martin provensen The Saggy Baggy Elephant by K&B Jackson, Ill. by Tenggren Four Puppies by Anne Heathers, Ill. Lilian Obligado The Three Billy Goats GRUFF, retold by Ellen Rudin, Ill. Lilian Obligado

great start-right elf books from Rand Mcnally

Little Lamb's Hat by Mary G. Phillips, Ill. Eleanor Corwin Tommy's Tooth by Solveig Paulson Russel, Ill. Patti Fenwick Little Red Wagon by Hazel P. Cederborg, Ill. Clare McKinley? The Kittens' Voyage by Barbara Young, Ill. Majorie Cooper Davy Deer's New Red Scarg by Helen Adler The Doctor in the Zoo by Lester E. Fisher, Ill. Carl and Mary Hauge The Bremen Town Musicians, Ill. Irma Wilde Milkman Bill by Jessica Potter Broderick, Ill. Jean Tamburine

pretty good

The Spot books, such as Spot's Birthday Party, Spot's First Walk by Eric Hill

Silly Circus, by Peter Seymour, Designed and Ill. Chuck Murphy

p.g. little golden books

Mickey Mouse and the Great Lot Plot (Walt Disney) Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny Just Like Magic! by Stella Williams Nathan Ill. by Bob Totten and Tom McKimson?

p.g. start-right elf books from Rand Mcnally:

humpty dumpty Ill. Mary Jane Chase

not so great/memorable

Three Little Kittens, illustrated by Marjorie Cooper

Morris goes to school by B. Wiseman

Albert the albatross, story and pictures by syd hoff

Puss in Boots, Ill. Barbara Bailey

Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose by Dr. Seuss

Woody Woodpecker's Peck of Trouble, Ill. Walter Lantz Studio, Adapted by Riley Thomson and Sam Armstrong

The Magic Fish, by Freya Littledale, Ill. Winslow Pinney Pels

The Clifford books, by Norman Bridwell

looks great but i don't remember

my little book of prayers Ill. Kathy Allert my book of the seaosons by Stephanie Calmenson, Ill. Eugenie i can fly, by ruth krauss, Ill. Jan Brett

The Little Duck by Judy Dunn, Photos by Phoebe Dunn

The Little Rabbit by Judy Dunn, Photos by Phoebe Dunn

Animals Peek-a-book, by Eric Hill Opposites Peek-a-book, by Eric Hill

Sleeping Beauty, Ill. Elizabeth Webbe

Big Dog .. Little Dog, a bedtime story by P.D. Eastman

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